Pleasant Hill High School Class of '69

If you see the "Send EMail" button when you view the individual record you will be able to send an email through this site. Click on "Classmates" to search.

Dave Abbey
Paul Abbott
Tim Abbott
Gayle Abfalter
Anthony Aguirre
Mike Akin
Jimi Albertson
Sue Alexander
Hilda Andrade
Mike Andrews
Cassie Ariey
Bonnie Aston
John Bacigalupo
Steve Bankston
Diana Barnes
Ken Beard
Merrilee Bell
Robin Bell
Loydene Bendikson
Bill Benton
Lani Berg
Russell Berringer
Lewis Bidwell
David Bingman
Karyn Birka
Walt Black
Joyce Blasingame
Don Blosser
Tom Bloxham
Randy Blumberg
The Graduates

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